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I am researching the Glass/Glas/Glaz family in Lithuania and have found information in Dublin's Jewish Museum that they originally came from a place called Lacova in Kovno Gubernia.  A place with this name doesn't exist and I am unable to find any historical record of it.  I assume that it is probably a misspelling of a name passed on orally and there are a could of candidates in the Northern part of the country.

I wondered if anyone on here had come across the name Lacova or had any idea which place it refers to please?

Many thanks in advance

Jeremy Bloom 

Russ Maurer

Probably Laukuva

Russ Maurer
Pepper Pike, OH

Jill Whitehead

Hi Jeremy

There are several places called Lubove or Lubowe in 1) the parts of Suwalki gubernia in NE Poland that went into Lithuania in 1919 - in I think the Kalvaria or Marijampole areas that are adjacent to Kovno and 2) near Augustow on the Augustow canal, which is in the present day Suwalki gubernia area but close to Kovno.  I think the name has something to do with oak trees. 

I visited the Augustow Lebowe in 2000, hoping to find out which Lebowe my great aunt's husband came from, this or the other one.  I still do not know as it is a common place name in the area.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Judith Diamond

Probably Leckava - often pronounced Latskova.  Together with  several others - we are looking at families from there.  Send me PM with more information re names and dates

Judith Diamond, London, UK

luciana gandelman

Hi there,
It could also be Laukuva (Telschen district, Kovno province, Lithuania). Sometimes it appears as Lavkovo on the documents.
My great-grand-father's family was from Laukuva. Their surname is Eppel.
Good luck with your search
Luciana Gandelman
EPPEL family - Riga (Latvia) and Laukuva (Lithuania)
ABRAMOWITSCH family - Riga (Latvia) - Anyksciai (Lithuania)