Hungary Jewish Cemetery, Nyirbator #hungary


Hello Alex:
I have been to the Nyirbator cemetery about 10 years ago, in the beginnings of my genealogy research. I saw some of the GROSZ headstones, as my dad’s paternal grandmother’s family are GROSZ, from Kisleta. They are buried in the closest Jewish cemetery, Nyirbator. We found a ‘manager’ to open the gate but they did not have a map, or they didn’t offer one. 

I do have a cousins who live in Budapest and one in the mountains north of the city. I may be able to convince them to take photos unless HFPJC can be of assistance. I donate to them as they maintain the Demecser cemetery where some of my dad’s paternal family Is buried. 

Interested to see if we’re related. 
Stay safe,
Lisa Bernath