son of Jeno WEISZ and Malvina PANETH, born after 1937 in Budapest #hungary

Emma Cole

My father's first cousin Jeno Weisz (born 1908, Budapest) married Malvina Paneth (born 1913) and I have just discovered that they had a son. The son I believe emigrated to Israel around 1956 but came back around 1960. I don't know if he changed his family name. How can I look in the Budapest birth records for 1938 onwards (they don't seem to go this far), probably district 7 or 8, or how can I trace him entering Israel/coming back to Hungary. I would deeply appreciate any help. I have been looking for surviving branches of the family for the past 4 years or so. It is quite a breakthrough to find that Jeno had a child so I would really love to find him. Huge thanks. Emma Cole


This is a hard one – because of the current privacy laws you would only be eligible to view the birth record if you are a direct descendant or a professional researcher.

The birth record would have late notes referencing any changes (name change, change of religion until 1949, marriages, divorces, death) if the person stayed in Hungary.

I may be able to help you but this really just a ‘maybe’.


Karesz Vandor
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Emma Cole

Hello Karesz, very many thanks for your reply. It does seem like this is going to be tricky. But that doesn't put me off! Perhaps it would be easier for me to focus on the Israeli end of the story. If anyone is reading this who knows about Israeli records, this cousin lived in Be'er Sheva, any ideas about how I can investigate residents there in the late 1950s? 
Karesz, I may come back to you later if I don't get anywhere. Many thanks again.
Emma Cole