Swedish Death Records: VON KRASKOWSKI #records



My mother’s cousin, Thekla (or Johanna Tekla) KANN, was born on 10 Jan. 1890 in Peitz Krs. Kottbus, Germany, to Berthold KANN and Josephine MANUEL KANN.

She married Georg VON KRASKOWSKI on 22 Sept. 1922 in Stockholm, Sweden. Georg died in Stockholm on 11 August 1932.

How can I find Thekla's death date and place? I’ve checked JewishGen, Ancestry, FamilySearch, and MyHeritage, but to no avail.

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Ruth Nadelman Lynn
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Per the Swedish Death Index 1901-2013, Johanna Tekla von Kraskowski f. Kann died on the 23 Feb 1958. She was living in Engelbrekt, Stockholm. She was listed as a divorced woman. I did further research on ArkivDigital and found that she divorced on 14 Aug 1939. Prior to that, she seemed to be living with her husband and two children.

Jessica Adamsbaum


Johanna Tekla may have been buried next to her husband (divorcee?) in Quarter IV, grave 1, in the Catholic Graveyard at the address Solglimtsgatan 1 in Solna, a city in the Haga neighborhood, at the outskirts of the city of Stockholm. However, as the record ( doesn't show her death date, it may be a reserved grave that was never used.

In any case, you may be able to get more information from: 
info@.... Tekla doesn't seem to be buried in the Jewish cemetery, which by the way is more or less adjacent to the Catholic one above.

Seth Jacobson