Looking for BMD records in Wisnnitz #ukraine


Are BMD records available for Wishnitz (c. 1850-75)?

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Allan Linderman

Gary Pokrassa


I assume you are looking for Nowy Wiśnicz. which is in the former Galicia - The best sources for this are JRI-Poland and Gesher Galicia
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Which family are you looking for?

Jacob Rosen



Banai Lynn Feldstein

Wisnitz records are in the Chernivtsi archive. I was researching that town a while back. We didn't get to the point of having the records digitized.

Banai Lynn Feldstein

Dennis Rice

I found a number of BDM records through The family history center Familysearch  Nowy Wishnitz synagogue records. I also communicated with the Bochnia Archive which is 5 miles north of Nowy Wishnitz (bochnia@archiwum)

Dennis Rice

Howard Fink

It would help to specify which town information is being requested from; there are 3 towns that sound like this:
• Wiśnicz, currently known as Nowy Wiśnicz, Poland
• Wiznitz, currently known as Vizhnitsa, Ukraine
• Vishnevets, Ukraine

JRI-Poland has indexed the Jewish vital records from Nowy Wiśnicz for the entire period you have specified (and many more years), with the exception of deaths 1850-1858.

In almost all cases up through 1911 there are high resolution scanned images available of the original records.

Howard Fink
Nowy Wiśnicz Town Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland


Familysearch, search the Catalog for: 
Jewish Congregation. Wiznitz (Bukowina)
 (then Austria and Romania, nowadays Ukraine) 1918-1930 are the only that online (as much as I know). 
Not indexed, manual page by page research needed. 
Yohanan Loeffler