Tracing PESNOY family in Toronto #canada


I am looking for the descendants of a Pesnoy family. Sylvia and Issac Pesnoy are buried in the Roselawn cemetery, Pride of Israel section, Row G, graves 6 and 7.  They had a grocery store at 90 Ossington Avenue, corner of Humbert Street between at least 1940-1965.  They possibly had a son named Frank (listed as a Storekeeper in the 1965 Voter Rolls).


Sylvia (born Sima Zimgorod) Pesnoy was my mother's aunt  who corresponded with other siblings in Zhitomir, Ukraine until ca. 1946-1947. The siblings stopped corresponding with relatives abroad and destroyed all letters and envelopes out of fear of being arrested and sentenced to camps.


The office manager at the Roselawn cemetery stated there are no other Pesnoy burials there, which implies that Frank may still be alive or have left Toronto or changed the name.


The burial information was found in the JOWBR database and is presumed to be copied /translated from the tombstone.


Are photos of the burials available to see? If not, does anybody on the list visit the cemetery and would be willing to snap a picture?


Question to Toronto mavens: is it customary/recommended/mandatory in Canada to fill out a vital statistics forms, as I did at a request of the funeral home here in the US when my mother died? If yes, where can it be found?


I have not inquired yet with the Benjamin and the Steele chapels but will do so soon.


My email inquiry to the Pride of Israel congregation is so far unanswered. Since this synagogue is several kilometres away from the Ossington/Humbert intersection, I suspect that the Pesnoy family may have belonged to another schul within walking distance, if there was one. Hence


Question 2:  where can the information (a map or a list) about 1930's Toronto synagogues be found?  The internet offered no leads so far.


There is a large collection of photographs of individual New York buildings captured by the NYC tax office some 100 years ago.


Question 3: does a similar collection exist in Toronto?


Question 4: do digitized versions of Toronto Jewish newspapers exist online and which, if any, are searcheable?


Thank you very much for any help or leads.



Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

Carolynne Veffer

Please contact the Toronto JGS at info@.... One of our volunteers is already searching our photos for the Pesnoy gravestones. Our Society volunteers updated JOWBR for the Toronto cemeteries.

I hope we can help answer some of your other questions as well.

Carolynne Veffer