Searching for information for Galician Rabbis surname Lowin. #galicia

John Lowin



My  paternal great grandfather, Maier Lowin Ordewer 1853, Radziechow district of Ternopol, Austria-Hungary, was one of 12 sons. The eleven other brothers all became rabbis. I am looking for information on the siblings of my great grandfather Meyer Lowin born in Radziechow, Galicia in 1853.  All 11 brothers became rabbis and spread out over Galicia.  I believe they attended the Yeshiva in Lwow.  I am specifically interested in lists of students at the Lwow Yeshiva and other nearby yeshivas where the brothers may have studied.  I am also interested in any stories of a Rabbi Lowin in any town in Galicia. I have looked at the Jewishgen Rabbis site and it has both Radziechow and Pzemysl, and the name Lewin.


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John Lowin