Russian military records for missing/fallen soldiers - Szmujlo-Mowsza FRYDMAN #russia



I have tried to find his record on the memorial book without success

He fought in the great Patriotic War  - recruited in 1941 around Mordovsky District.
His last letter was from Voronezh area.

Can you please advise what databases or insititions should I contact to expand my search?

Thanks in advance,
Aviv Yahav


The name can be Russified. If you type, for example, Moses Fridman - there is a lot in the list, you need to look at the father's name, year of birth, There is also a site called Memory of the People.
Irina Tulchinskaya.


ID 1049043
Name Russified
Last name Friedman
Name Moses
Patronymic Solomonovich
Date of birth / Age __.__. 1911
Date and place of conscription Grodno RVK, Byelorussian SSR, Belostok region, Grodno district
The last place of service 38
Military rank Red Army
Reason for retirement killed
Date of disposal 09/03/1941
Primary burial site Smolensk region, Yartsevsky district, settlement of Yartsevo, in the area, Ozernykh grove, mass grave
Name of the source of the TsAMO report
Information source fund number 58
Inventory number of the source of information 818884
Source file number 35



I have tried to search in both sites using latin-cyrilic conversion.

Here below more details that I could not match with the search results:

First name: Szmujlo-Mowsza

Last name: FRYDMAN

Place of birth: Dokshytsy , Vitebsk Oblast , Belarus

Year of birth: 1913

Father's name: Lejb

I also wrote to the Russian military archive but no answer yet.

Aviv Yahav