searching for information on two holocaust survivors who lost of most their families during war #holocaust

Sharon E Siegel

I have documents and specific names I would like to post in message board for my husband's parents, seeking information from anyone who might know them from wartime or after.  What would be the best way to get this out there? I searched and have not found anything on these names.  Thanks,Sharon Siegel

Sharon Siegel

Joyaa Antares

Start a new thread with an informative subject line.  E.g.
SUBJECT:  Holocaust survivors: John SMITH of Odessa and Jane JONES of L'vov - please help in locating descendants
Message body: I am looking for help in locating anyone who knew or is descended from John SMITH of Odessa and Jane JONES of L'vov.  I have documents showing Mr SMITH emigrated to Israel and lived in Netanya; and further documents showing that .... 

Hope that helps.
Joyaa ANTARES.  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


There is also at USHMM  a 'Registry of Holocaust survivors' which I have just completed on behalf of my mother. This is for Jewish and non-jewish survivors.  You can also search for other survivors.
Noreen Thorne (England)

Lewis, Megan

The USHMM Registry of Holocaust Survivors is not available online for privacy reasons.  Please email resource-center@... to request a search for a name or for the names of survivors from particular places.

Megan Lewis, reference librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum