Looking for information on family who were executed in the Holocaust on 8-30-1942, name of Bunimovitz #holocaust

Miron Chumash

We are looking for information about my wife’s family who lived in  Vishnevo (today Belarus). They were executed on August 30,1942. We have no information regarding the backgrounds of the family members whose names are mentioned below: 


My wife’s  father  name is Elyakim Drori (Bunimovitz). He served during WW2 in the Polish army (cavalry unit), was captured by the Soviets  and was deported to a work camp in  Siberia. Around 1942 he was evacuated with Andres Army  and made his way through Iran to Palestine. On arriving in Palestine, the names of all the Jewish soldiers were changed to Hebrew names and they were sent to the Kibbutz so they would not be found when Andres army was leaving for Africa. My father in law got the Hebrew name Nathan Drori (Gave freedom).  His relatives are the ones about whom we are looking for information:-


His parents are: Arie and Zelda Bunimovitz;

His siblings are Shirke Bunimovitz, Itzhak Bunimovitz, Reisel Bunimovitz ( she had a baby who was born in the Geto), Hertzel Bunimovitz, and Akiva Bunimovitz.

His grandparents are Moshe and Perla Bunimovitz.


My wife and I will be grateful for any information possible about them.

Thank you for any help
Miron Chumash