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My family descends from this man:

According to his great grandson Reb Nosson Kamenetsky, Samuel and his family lived in a placed called 'Kaliskovkeh'.  This is also where his son Binyamin grew up.
This is also where supposedly Binyamin's first three children were born, including the very famous Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky.

The problem is, I cannot seem to find anything about this place.  As if it simply does not exist.  There could be a spelling issue perhaps, but I tried tons of variations and cannot find anything.
I can only glean that it was probably in Belarus, not far from Dolginov where Binyamin later moved and his wife Ettel was from.  

Any help would be appreciated.

Arkady Kamenetsky


Try Kalinkovichi, near Mozir in Belarus.  It's a small City.
Michael Ryabinky

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That seems unlikely due to distance.  Way too far from Dolginovo.  My family seemed to travel between Kaliskovkeh and Dolginovo with great ease around 1900 - even getting to Minsk was a great ordeal.
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A friend helped me find this place via an old website:

There is the link, but I am not sure what to make of it - or what to get out of it.  Still though, the place existed at one point  that much is clear.
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Dear Arkady,

My maternal great-grandparents came from a shtetl in Vitebsk, Belarus called Kolyshki.  Sometimes it is called Kalisk.

Marcy Kalvelage

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It is definitely not Vitebsk.  

It is this thing:

I just have no idea what this means.  Looks like some kind of village/area, but it no longer exists.  However it is about 9 miles east of Dolginovo, precisely where the rest of the family lived/was born, etc.
Arkady Kamenetsky

Leah and Eli Teicher

The name of the village I imgine is KULACKOWCE pronounced Kulchkovtse.
It is now in Ukraine by the name KLITVICI pronounced Klitvichi.
It is south Kolomyya near the town Zablotiv now, then Zablotow.
These places were south Poland, today in Ikraine.
In that billage was born my father inlaw.
It held at most 150 Jews.
Working in farmers' works.
Leah Teicher
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Received a very kind email from someone who explained what Kaliskovkeh  was.  It was actually a large estate, a folwark specifically and it was largely dismantled by the Russian Czar somewhere around 1902-ish. 

Searching for it right now yields zero results, because it was never a town/village/etc, just a large plantation. 

Thank you everyone, this thread can close now.
Arkady Kamenetsky