Skuodas picture #lithuania #photographs


The second word from right is clearly the year 1930. The rest of the Yiddish is harder to decipher, you may have luck posting it (separately from the rest of the picture) on viewmate and seeking a Yiddish translation.

Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

David Fisher

Thanks Carol

It is the writing below I am referring to.

See attachment




David Fisher




Carol Hoffman

The writing on the bottom right hand side of the frame is the stamp of the photographer in Skudas - it has no relationship to identifying the people in the photo.
Carol Hoffman

David Fisher

I have a Picture of Skuodas members.  Taken in +-1930
Anyone recognize the faces? The only person recognized by my mother is her father David Yudelman- Top extreem left, My namesake.
The others are not family members, but are of an unknown group from the town.
There is some undecipherable writing on the bottom of the picture.
Any help would be appreciated.

David Fisher