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Sherri Bobish

Deaths Mar 1975 

David Lewin

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Dear all, I'm looking for information about Josef Hermann Löwenthal, born 12.4.1858 in Jihlava (Iglau), Mähren. He is my Grand-grandfather. His parents: Maximilian Löwenthal (born in Rousinov, Raußnitz) and Theresie Rösy Oppenheimer (born in Mikulov, Nikolsberg, Südmähren). I don't have any idea, whether Josef Hermann had siblings nor under which circumstances he died 1918 (?). Thanks for any information. Kind regards
Karin Vomhof, Erlangen, Germany

Sorry - I cannot help with your search but do you recognize any of the following please?

Van: Goudsblom, Johan
Verzonden: donderdag 13 mei 2010 22:48
Aan: 'enquiries@...'
Onderwerp: Walter Loewenthal

 Dear reader,

My name is Johan Goudsblom. I am an emeritus professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, Holland. At present I am in the very last stage of preparation for the publication of a book in German, Gerdas Tagebücher, based on the diaries of Gerda Laqueur (1906-1945), the mother of my late wife. Gerda had a maternal uncle named Walter Loewenthal (* 1894) who played an important role in her life and diaries. He emigrated to England after 1936. I have not been able to trace his further whereabouts. The fact which I would like to know most of all is the year of his death. My request is: could you help me in my search for basic biographical data about Walter Loewenthal after his emigration to England?

Since the book is due to appear very soon, I would be most grateful if you could reply as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Johan Goudsblom

David Lewin

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