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Russ Maurer

I have two comments to add to Peggy's excellent advice.

1. Records that were not filmed when the indexing was done years ago may well have been filmed since that time. It is worth checking. One of the "not filmed" examples is, in fact, now online (Motel GLAZ, film 004221370 image 804).

2. You can use the record number (e.g. M16 for Motel GLAZ) to locate the record without any knowledge of Russian. Male and female records were numbered separately. M16 means the 16th male birth for that year. The record numbers can be found in the first two columns on the page - always females in column 1, males in column 2. See snip of Motel's record below.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG


Hi Jeremy,

My husband is part of the large GLAZIER family from Birz, Lithuania, so perhaps we will find that we are related!

Your question is a little unclear.  I am going to answer in two parts.

Part 1 - The overwhelming majority of Kovno Gubernia records for Jews have been indexed by LitvakSIG.  They are placed on the All Lithuania Database ( ) or on the JewishGen Lithuanian database ( )  The two databases mostly overlap, but sometimes using both helps you search with different tools.

Since you have a group of names, a place, and a date range, you should be searching these databases with different parameters to find your family.
You mentioned that you want to use the Lithuanian Archives - the first thing a Lithuanian archivist will do is search these databases because they helped in their preparation.

It is important to read the information about the database that you are searching.  You can find this information by clicking on the link with the name of the record group.  You will click on the number of records to see that list of records.

Part 2 - If you mean that you have found your relatives in these databases, but you want to get original documents from the Archives, you need to learn the codes in the last column of the database results - the column labeled "Microfilm/Item; Image; Archive/Fond".
Here is a snippet of the first few births for GLAZ in Kovno Gubernia in the Birth records:

I have marked the last column with a pink line,  The first two entries are "Not Filmed", so you would need to write to the Archives for a copy of those.  The second two entries have a microfilm number that is underlined on the first line.  These microfilm numbers link to the website where you can go through the records yourself and find a copy of the original record.  You can use the image number as a guide, but it will still require patience and the ability to work with other languages.

The Lithuanian State Archives has a website here:

Information about contacting them for records is on this website. There is also information about the digitization of the Lithuanian Archives and how to find records if you can read Lithuanian.  I have not had much success with this, but hope that others will try it and tell me how it works for them.

Best Regards,
Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, Georgia, USA



I have identified the name of one of my great great grnadparents (or a phonetic version of the spelling) and have narrowed down the date of his death to a few specific years.  I also know the stetl in Kovno Gubernia that he came from and the dates of birth of his children.  I also think he may be an individual who appears on the JewishGen tax database.

Can anyone advise please how I can best utlise this information to research the identity of this individual and the wider family, presumably using the Lithuanian archives?

Many thanks in advance

Jeremy Bloom

Glass/Glas/Glaz  - Kovno Gubernia, Lithuania
Weinstein/Krell- Wilna, Lithuania
Bloom/Sher/Scher/Glicksman/Myler - Riga, Latvia
Halpern - Zlochow, Galicia
Liebman - Uzciesko, Galicia
Altman - Kamionka Stramilova, Galicia