Help Needed in Dusseldorf #germany #galicia

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I discovered yesterday that my grandfather had a sister called Ettel ROSNER in Zabno, Galicia. She married around 1890 Emanuel Kurz  and had at least 5 children whose names and exact birth

dates I located in scans in the Polish Archives. Tried to find out what happened with them in the Holocaust.  In the GEDENKBUCH I found one of them: Chaskel ROSNER born in Zabno on Dec.

17,1898(the dates match). He apparently kept his mother's surname. He lived in Dusseldorf  and  was expelled to back to Poland in 1938 with a son  called Max born in Dusseldorf on July 2nd 1928.

No wife is mentioned. I shall appreciate any details about his address, profession and spouse in Dusseldorf.


Jacob Rosen