Dieveniskes, Vilna (Divenishok), Lithuania, c1929 Photo for Identification #lithuania #photographs

Adam Cherson

This is one of a series of high-definition photographs obtained from town residents/for identification.
If you are able to recognize someone/please contact me privately using the 'Private' button below.

Location: Vilna/Dieveniskes/Divenishok/Dziewieniszki/Jevenishok/Devenishki/Dzievianiski

Year: about 1929

Comments: This photo was described as being ‘cousins’ of the couple standing in back/dressed in black. I am not sure if they are his or her cousins. My aunt believes they are her cousins. The couple was from Dieveniskes and Voronova, so the cousins were presumably at home in Vilna. They could be: her cousins: GERSON, CHERSON, HERSZON, GERSHUN, COHEN, RABINOVICH, SOLTS, or KAPLAN, or his: BENYAKONSKI, RUBINOVICH, KARCHMER, GREIS, or GRIN. Notice that two of the women are wearing the same dress (same family tailor?) and the the three women seem to be wearing similar necklaces. Soon after this photo was taken, the couple departed for life in America.

Adam Cherson