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David Lewin

On 4 Aug 2020 Sharon Taylor raised the question of Censuses conducted by the British of the population in Palestine,.

Here now is the clarifying response from the Israel State Archive

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Dear Mr. Lewin,

The   1922 and 1931 Censuses in Palestine are not found in the  Israel  State Archives.

But there is an article in Hebrew by Yitzhak Ben-Zvi "Christians in the Land of Israel" following the census (October-November 1922).

Please see the attached  link:

Regarding the 1931 census:

Please see link to file number M - 5066/2: Data and correspondence regarding the 1931 census of the Jerusalem District


File No. M - 5066/3::

There is a problem with the archive website so the file can be seen scanned in early November.


File No. P 1907 / 5: Research material by Yitzhak Ben Zvi regarding the 1931 census:

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Best regards,
Ayala Nahum
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