Looking for a reliable archivist to obtain family records from Ukraine #ukraine

earl zeitlin

Can someone recommend a reliable archivist who can obtain family records from Semenovka (Chernigov guberniya) and Chernigov.
Earl Zeitlin; Monsey, NY 

Jay Feierman <jay.feierman84@...>

Looking for a reliable archivist to obtain family records from Ukraine #ukraine
By earl zeitlin
My 2nd cousin's husband lives in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. He is an archivist and he also takes people to visit homesites in Ukraine and Hungary.  Very nice and very reliable. I recommend him highly. I'll cc this to him. His name is Bela Huber. His email is huberbelay@...

Barry Stadd

I have used Roman Ravve <roman.ravve@...> for three different regions of Ukraine and he has been excellent.  He always gives an estimate of what it will cost and what he will research.  His report is detailed and has been extremely beneficial in my research.

Barry Stadd


I went to Uzchorod a few years ago, my mother’s hometown, and used a highly recommended tour guide that also does research. He was excellent guide.
Good luck.
Steve Small
Cleveland, Ohio

Lisa Liel

I second Roman Ravve.

Lisa Liel


Also recommend to contact Mr Bela Huber. huberbelay@...

M. Friedman

Susan H. Sachs

I second (or is it now 3rd?) Bela Huber (also goes by his Hebrew name, Baruch) for Western Ukraine.  Among his other skills, he's multi-lingual - English, Ukrainian and Hungarian with a bit of Hebrew too.

Good luck!

t s

Another high recommendation for Bela. He has been very helpful.
Todd Samovitz


Two years ago I had Andriy Dorosh handle research for me in Brody & Lviv.  This was to supplement my own work & ahead of a trip to Ukraine which he also arranged for me (with guide & driver).  Oksana, was the woman who did the archival research & she also gave information to town guides we met with in Brody, Lviv & Kolomyia (and then they did some supplemental work to augment my town visits). Oksana, was also my personal guide throughout the week I spent in Ukraine, and she did a great job.  You can see Andriy's online site at: www.DoroshHeritageTours.com, and contact him at: dorosh.andriy@...  He did a really nice job with all our arrangements and had a good complement of people working for him. My trip was very beneficial & the archival research helped a lot, too.  Prices, I felt, were very reasonable.

Leah H. Snider
Silverdale, WA /USA