I am looking for Dr Willy SELIG, German Census 1933 #germany


Thanks for your suggestions about the address books.  I am looking for Dr Willy Selig.  He and his family left Berlin around 1933 and he was a GP in Kingsbury.  We are trying to establish exactly when they left.

Ruth Bloomfield

Gerald and Margaret

This is the same person.  
I don't have any info about him, but I do remember that his son-in-law Dr  Keith Robinson, became a partner in the same GP practice.  You may be able to cheek whether he is still alive

Margaret Levin

Sherri Bobish


1939 British card for Willy SELIG, which exempts him from internment.  Lists his date and exact place of birth, and current address in Kenton, Middlesex.  He is a medical doctor.

If he naturalized in Britain, perhaps his nat papers would reveal his date of arrival?


Sherri Bobish

David Selig

Hi to all.  
My father, Martin SELIG, was sent to Britain to boarding school, in 1938.  In 1939 he was registered as an enemy alien, and on 9.12. 1939 exempted from internment.    That was rescinded on 21.6.1940 and he was then sent to Australia in 1940 on the Duneera.   
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