Suggestions in determining home shtetl #belarus #poland #lithuania

Todd Leavitt

I have not been able to determine the home shtetl of my "Levitsky/Lewicki" co-hort despite years of trying. The sole documentary clue I have is Hyman Levitsky's 1909 passenger manifest citing "Neustat". I know we have substantial endogamy with the Nevitsky/Novitskie co-hort from Lyubcha/Lubtsch and Negnevici.
In the 1901 UK Census, Hyman, who lived in Manchester UK from 1898-1910 as a boot-maker, seems to assert he was Prussian/German, which led me to research Neustat-Shaki, Lithuania (now known as Kudirkos Naumiestis). I was unable to find any Levitskys in JewishGen research documents. Hyman's sole shtetl born daughter, Lillian Levitsky (who married Harry Novitsky in Detroit in 1915--continuing endogamy), asserted a birthplace of Minsk in a 1938 marriage license to a 2nd husband. Harry Novitsky was born in Lyubcha. It has been suggested that "Neustat" might be Novagrudek---but, again, I have found nothing regarding Levitskys in Revision Lists or other database documents.
Any suggestions????
Todd Leavitt
Santa Monica, CA

Carol Hoffman

A possibility is that you're looking for current day spelling Zemaiciu Naumiestis that was at one time called Neishtot-Tavrig. You can find more information and links by using the interactive map of LitvakSIG .
When searching the LitvakSIG ALD All Lithuanian Database you will find some birth records for the surname Levitsky/Lewicki.
Good hunting.
Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv


Hi Todd, 

looking on ancestry he appears to have had a brother, Joseph. On Joseph's WWII draft card, lupts russia is given as the birth place. Using a sounds like search on the jewish communities database, the first match is Lyubcha, Belarus which was in the Novogrudok district, Minsk province during the Russian Empire   
I suggest doing a sounds like for the last name in Belarus and seeeing if you can find the name in the navagrudok area.

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