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I have also been interested in finding the birth certificate for my grandmother who was born in Bukovina in 1897, likely in Campulung Moldovenesc, or perhaps a close-by town.     While I have been able to locate the birth records for great-grandmother, her siblings, and two of her nephews, I can find no record for my grandmother or any of her siblings.   Any suggestions/guidance most appreciated. 
Rebecca Fogel Anderson
Durham, CT


I assume you have tried with the Iasi  National Archives. The reason it may not have worked is that that Archive  (for the largest - except Bucuresti --  Jewish community in the Old KIngdom) is not set up to do research — there are no index files and in my experience even when some office has an index Jews may have been entered using first names, and not the surname (which may not have even existed). So unless the exact DOB and the “real” surname (or patronymic) was used in the post emigration records, the Archive may not find any trace. A researcher may have to go over thousands of records with no guarantee anything will be found (as sometimes people indicate Iasi but the actual place may be a nearby place like Podu Iloaei or Targu Frumos). One suggestion is to ask the JG Romania admins — they do have the pictures of the civil records of  Iasi for the 1890s and possibly could help…

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

Theo Rafael


You or your cousin may want to join the "Jewish Genealogy in Romanian Moldova" group 

Particularly, Sorin Goldenberg, one of the admins, has gathered a large database and is versed in this kind of work. He should be able to either help you  or point you in the right direction. I assume that an official certificate may need to be obtained from local authorities.

Best of luck,
Theo Rafael
Bucharest, Romania


  You might try Dan Jurca. I have obtained many records through him.
His email is:


Hope that helps,
Larry Bassist
Springville, Utah

David Osachy

Hello All,

A cousin of mine wishes to obtain Romanian citizenship / passport and
needs to find our grandfather's birth certificate in order to do so.
Grandfather was born in Iasi / Jassy / Yas about 1893, and immigrated
to USA in 1904. Can anyone advise how to obtain a birth certificate
or any related Romanian records, and / or recommend a reliable
researcher to assist?

Thanks and best wishes,

Rabbi David Osachy
Jacksonville, Florida