Lithuanian Research Tzvi Hirsh Brude #lithuania #rabbinic

Todd Brody

Hello genners.
I am researching my ancestor R. Tzvi Hirsh Braude, the son of Aron, who was a rabbi in Salant and Alsedziai in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  
I am pretty sure that he is listed in the 1834 Revision Lists for Alsedziai (which was part of Plunge) as Girsh Braude the son of Aron.  This record says that he was born in 1776.
And I have found him in the 1784 Poll Tax list for Kalvarija living in his father Aron's home (which makes sense if he was 8 at the time).
What I am looking for are any records for the 50 year period between 1784 and 1834, which would help me figure out when he was living in Salant and when he was living in Alsedziai as well as who his children were.
I have looked through all of the records at Litvak Sig, but I am hoping that there might be records out there that have not been indexed.
Please note that there are a number of Lithuanian rabbis named Tzvi Hirsh Braude.  I am not referring to the rabbi who lived in Kelme and was the son-in-law of R. Simcha Zisel Ziv.  My Tzvi Hirsh Braude lived much earlier.
Thanks for your help.
Todd Brody