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Todd Brody

Hey genners:
My gr-grandfather left Lithuania in 1929 for the United States.
I have been trying to find Lithuanian phone (or other directories) prior to 1929 to see if I could find his address.
The earliest directory on the Genealogy Indexer seems to be 1930.
The website for the European Reading Room of the Library of Congress says that they have a 1923 directory for all of Lithuania (Telefonu Abonentu Knyga), but that directory doesn't appear to be online.
Is anyone aware of other Lithuanian directories for the period prior to 1929 -- bonus points if they are available online.
My gr-grandfather lived in Telsiai, but it is possible that by the end of his time in Europe he was living in Kaunas.
Thanks for your help.
Todd Brody

Logan Kleinwaks

Todd Brody asked about Lithuanian directories before 1930, writing that "The earliest directory on the Genealogy Indexer seems to be 1930." Genealogy Indexer actually includes many Lithuanian directories from before 1930, see:
However, many are Russian Empire-era "Commemorative Books" (e.g., for Kovno Gubernia, Памятная книжка Ковенской губернии) that are far from comprehensive. The most comprehensive are the Russian Empire Business Directories, Vsia Rosiia (1902, 1900, 1899, 1895, part of 1897, Вся Россия). (Note that due to the way those are printed and scanned, OCR accuracy is not super high, so some matches might be missed by searching.) Less comprehensive is the 1924 Baltic States + U.S.S.R. Business Directory (Rudl's Adressbuch der Baltischen Staaten und der U.d.S.S.R).

Todd mentioned a 1923 all-Lithuania telephone directory at the Library of Congress -- as far as I know, they have not digitized it and it is not otherwise online (on reputable websites).

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

Alexander Sharon

Compare with situation in prewar Poland.

In 1928, there were only 4 telephone subscribers per 1,000 people. In 1939 - not so much more, because 6.5.
At that time, there were less than nine telephones per 1000 people! Statistically, only a select few could afford their own telephone.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

Carol Hoffman

The National Library of Lithuania online catalogue shows the holding

The catalogue also shows one for 1921 and 1922. Perhaps try writing (in English) and asking them to look up the name for you.

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv