Shoah Atrocities Map (SAMU) Project #general #ukraine

Ellen Slotoroff Zyroff

"in June of 2020, TKF received a prestigious grant from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) to develop the Shoah Atrocities Map – Ukraine (SAMU) Project.  Read more about the IHRA grant.
The goal of the SAMU project is to create a Shoah Atlas, which will provide a visual representation of killing site data and serve as a one-stop hub for information about Holocaust killing sites in Ukraine.

TKF, together with the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (UCHS), has developed a methodology for data collection and gathered information about killing sites in four Ukrainian regions: Khmelintsky, Rivno, Zhitomir and Volhyn. Seven professional Ukrainian researchers are currently involved in data collection, verification, and analysis. The Shoah Atlas will be used to train Ukrainian teachers in Holocaust studies. Five US-based volunteers are entering data and creating online profiles of the killing sites. For more information about the SAMU project, please visit our Pilot Map.

In July of this year our Foundation received the Rabbi Malcolm Stern Award for creating a map of the Jewish population of the Russian Empire based on the 1897 census, using the map4us platform, read more. Additionally, TKF developed a specialized tool named “Fishele” to connect modern Jewish genealogical researchers with the their particular shtetl’s online FB community, read more...

In September of 2020, TKF completed a documentary, The Last Chapter, about the history of the Jews of Izyaslav, a small town in North-Western Ukraine. The documentary provides a compelling narrative of the life of the Jewish community in Izyaslav from the 17th Century to the present. The film leads viewers through different periods of Jewish history in Ukraine, where times of prosperity were replaced by times of persecution.  Please watch The Last Chapter, other  documentaries about the Holocaust in Ukraine are located on our YouTube channel.
TKF staff made numerous trips to Izyaslav, where the Foundation established a Regional Holocaust Research Center and built two monuments at Holocaust killing sites.

In spring of 2020, TKF sponsored the publication of the book The Life of Izyaslav Jews by Ludmila Levitsky. Mrs. Levitsky’s book traces the history of the Jewish community in Izyaslav and contains details about Jewish life in the periods between the two World Wars and after WWII.

All of the above activities required significant funding and thousands of hours of volunteer work.  We need to emphasize that the IHRA grant, as many others grants, requires 50% co-funding to be raised by the Foundation.
Please help us move forward with the SAMU project and donate through our page at GoFundMe.

TKF Team
Joseph, Leo, Michael
ZOLOTOROV (Chernigov, Ukraine; Kiev, Ukraine);
SLOTOROFF (Kiev, Ukraine)
LEVINE (Ukraine and Minsk, Belarus);
GLUSKIN (Ukraine)
LIMON (Berestechko, Volynia, Ukraine)
TESLER (Horochiv, Volynia, Ukraine)
ZYRO (Zabolativ, Ukraine) 
TAU (Zalolativ, Ukraine)
ROTH / ROT (Ataki, Bessarabia, Moldova)
BLAUSTEIN (Chernigov, Ukraine or Minsk, Belarus)