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Mary Ellen

Can anyone identify this town in Minsk? I cannot find Sibishoff anywhere on a map.

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Mary Ellen Pollack #222350


I have a relative who says her grandfather was born in Minsk. I see on the map that there are 2 Minsk"s.
One seems to be a region/state and the other a town by the same name in that region. How am I to
know which Minsk my relative is referring to. Thank you.
Mary Ellen

Alexander Sharon

There are indeed couple of towns known as Minsk. One is the capital city of Belarus, and capital of Minsk Guberniya (Province). Second Minsk is known as Minsk Mazowiecki, seat of the local district. Town was known as Nowo-Minsk (Minsk Khadash) till the end of WWI.

Name of town "Sibishoff" within the Minsk administration division does not make too much sense there is not even close by sounding town name in Minsk or Pinsk vicinities.

In JGFF towns database there are 20 entries for Kolodner (Colodner) from the various locations.

Please pay special attention to the researcher Annette Katz since she is researching Colodner in London and Pinsk (Minsk Guberniya), both are coincide with your Kolodner reserch in Belarus and UK.

Colodner London England 1 Jun 2004 Click HERE to contact Annette F. Katz (#103443)

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Colodner  Pinsk Belarus 1 Jun 2004


Alexander Sharon
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Sherri Bobish

Mary Ellen,

Try using
You can do a soundex search on the town name. 
Keep in mind that most towns had several names in different languages, including Yiddish variant town names.  The above database includes these.

Where did you see the town name Sibishoff?  Do you have this person's naturalization papers, passenger manifest, or other records that may list the town of birth?


Sherri Bobish