Original Hebrew Name for Guyon Dit Dion Family in France/Canada #names #france #canada


My name is Connie Derosier Carter and I am new to JewishGen. I just found out this weekend, after 63 yrs of life, that I have Jewish roots in France and Canada! From what I can gather, the Guyon dit Dion family seemed to hide their culture, including their religion, right up through the 20th century for some. 

I am writing to ask for leads on where to search to find their original Hebrew name. It may be that the first ancestor here immigrated way back in the 13th century. However, I believe the name carried on since they seemed to hide their identity through the years. I found several Guyon's buried in Jewish cemeteries. And, I found my direct lineage on this site!

Thank you so much for anything that you can do to help!

Connie Carter
Kissimmee, FL

Sherri Bobish


Try using www.familysearch.org which has very large worldwide databases, i.e. census, vital records, etc.

I suggest starting with what you know about current family and working your way back one generation at a time.


Sherri Bobish