New records added to the Vilnius District Research Group of LitvakSIG #lithuania

Anderson Jill <jill.anderson@...>

A new file has been added to our records and it's the conclusion of our work on the 1834 revision list for Vilna Uyezd, including additional revision lists. There are now 15,974 lines in this file. All the new data is on microfilm that has been posted on Family Search, so you will be able to find the original images for the new data. 

If you are not a contributor to the Group, you will have to wait for about eighteen months to see these records - at that point they will be added to the free All Lithuania Database. If you would like to see them now and have access to all our records, which are on Excel spreadsheets, you will need to donate $100 to the Group. You will then have access to all existing and new records for a period of five years. If you contribute now, you'll be able to download, sort or browse these files from now until the end of December 2025 and you'll be helping to support our future translations. Further details are on our website here:

Jill Anderson
District Coordinator