Rothenberg family tree #general

Hank Lobbenberg

Can someone please post a link to a Rothenberg family tree. My second great grandmother was Lina Rothenberg b. 1847 and d. 1932. I would like to trace her ancestry.


My GGM was Fannie = Fruma Rothenberg (1864-1920) from Suwalki region, she emigrated to Cincinnati with her parents Hyman (1838-1918) and Chana Prenska (1839-1915).

If Lina was from Suwalki, can share what I know. send me an email 

William Elkus

Dave and Melanie Bloom

I have Rothenburgs in my tree.  Originally from Lithuania or Poland, settling in Cleveland.  I don't have much on them, but there is a direct line.  
Do let me know if we can help each other.

David Bloom

Sherri Venezia

I have Rothenberg/ Rottenberg on my immediate tree; from Galicia, towns, villages both west and slightly north of Lemberg, now Lviv, Ukraine. Your Lina is intriguing; my gr gr grandmother was Liebe, so naming patterns in place. They came to NYC in first decade 20th C.

Sherri Venezia


I have Rothenbergs from Sambor. If you have a town name that will help.

Tanya Roland

Pieter Hoekstra

Hank, as Tanya Roland has mentioned, a location will improve your chances of assistance.

I would add tracing your / your grandmother's ancestry by relying on an unverified tree of a stranger online is not how you should go about it.

Post as many details about your grandmother and family as you know. There are so many talented and clever members here who will jump in to assist you.


Pieter Hoekstra  <sold@...>

Dan Rottenberg

I have long theorized that anyone with any variation of the name Rothenberg is likely descended from the 13th Century German Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg (1215-1293) or one of his disciples. See my letter to Avotaynu (Spring 2004), or contact me privately and I'll send a digital copy to anyone who's interested..
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA 


My grandchildren are direct descendants of Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Rotenberg/Alter, the first Gerer Rebbe. I have documented my grandchildren’s lineage and I would be interested in seeing your work from Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg to him, the Chiddushei HaRim. Thank you.

Reba Harris Solomon

Joan Pollak <JFPollak@...>

My gggrandmother was Leah Rottenberg/Rottenberg born 1838 Rychvald, Hungary. Father Moshe Rottenberg , Rabbi, born 1819 Rychvald. 

I would appreciate a copy of the family tree!
Thank you!
Joan Pollak

Hank Lobbenberg

My Rothenberg families are from Mackensen and Arholzen Germany.
You can find them on my public Lobbenberg  Ancestry tree.
Henry Lobbenberg


My grandfather was Rabbi Chaim Rojtenberg of Rovno (page 424 of the Rovno Yizkor Book:
My family tree includes:
Rabbi Chaim (b. around 1725) --> Isser (1757) --> Shmuel (1780) --> Moshe(1816) --> Smulik'l (1844) --> Chaim (my grandfather 1862-1927)
All from or around Rovno, Ukeraine
Meir Razy
Kisfajn / Sfard / Rothenberg / Ruttenberg / Rojtenberg in Rovno,Volhynia
Ross in Dubno,Volhynia


I have Rothenberger family in Alsace that can be definitively traced back to Rabbi Todros Rothenberger in Bouxwiller (born 1596) and thanks to the work of the late Pascal Faustini very likely to Rabbi Meir of Rothenberg. He would be my ca. 20th ggrandfather.

Joe Eichberg


I have a Rotenberg/Rottenberg/Rosenberg great-grandmother (the official documentation that I have uses all three versions) that came from Zohatin, Galicia and moved to Budapest in the mid to late 1800s.  What are the chances that the name was just picked at random (perhaps because of one of these famous Rothenberg Rabbis) when Austrian Jews were forced to acquire surnames?

Tom Beer
Melbourne, Australia

Dan Rottenberg

If your family was named Rothenberger and came from Alsace, it's almost certain that they're descended from R. Meir of Rothenburg.

Check out this tree and article (in French):

Good luck!
Dan Rottenberg