Ancestral Town in the Russian Empire? #russia #france

Ettie Zilber

perhaps Grodno, which is now Hrodno, Belarus

Richard Cooper

Dear Friends,
Many thanks for your wise and helpful answers to my question!
Taking them all together, I think the balance of probability is that my great-great-grandfather Ephraim MATELEVITCH (or MORDCHELEWICZ) was born in 1804 in Grodno Guberniya in the Russian Empire.
Thank you all very much!
Ric Cooper
Midhurst, UK


I'm with Jill on this. Hrodne (Grodno).
The record specifically says "guberniya" but does not appear to give a town or uyedz (a district within a guberniya).  However Grodno is all three.

There was no guberniya like Narodne

See the list of pre-revolutionary Guberniyas
under Wikipedia "list of governorates of the Russian Empire"

Jessica Schein

David Choukroun

Dear Ric, 

I am reading like the others (Narodné Gubierna). 

But usually on those files you have other pages where you have a duplicate of this information (a list of questions about the familiy)

After there might be other official documents (e.g. inside the "Fond de Moscou") that would confirm the location




Jill Whitehead

Hi Ric

It looks a bit like Grodno (Hrodne) now in Belarus. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK 

Richard Cooper

  This is the French naturalisation of my great-grand-uncle Joseph MATELEVITCH. I can read everything except the name of the town where his father was born in 1804 (bottom right). It looks like NARODNE but there is no such place. He was a cantonist in the Czarist Army. Please help!
 It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
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Thank you very much!

Ric Cooper
Midhurst, UK