Where is ancestral town Montchelek #russia

Darlene Glenn

My great grandmother (last name Primack or Primak) and all her siblings came from a town named Montchelek.  On their naturalization and immigration documents, I have seen variations of the town: Motchylok, Mitchelik, Malchilk
I believe that it would be in the Volhynia Gubernia (Wolyn) but I have not been able to locate the town with any of my searches.
Can anyone help me identify where this town is? Thank you.
Darlene Glenn
(Santa Ana, CA)
ABRAMOWITZ (Jekapils/Jacobstadt, Latvia) DANIS/DITINKA (Dombrowitza, Ukraine), FLOM (Dombrowitza, Ukraine) PRIMACK (Montchelek, Ukraine?) MANEKOFSKY (Drovnic, Ukraine) LATT (Jenishke, Lithuania)

Cheryl Lynn Blum

My grandmother came from Michalski (pronounced "Mahalecheck") in what is now Belarus, when she came over it was Russia. From the JewishGen family finder:

Mikhalishki [Rus], Michaliszki [Pol], Mikhalishok [Yid], Michališki [Bel], Mikališkis [Lith], MikailiškėsRussian: Михалишки. Yiddish: מיכאַלישאָק. Belarusian: Міхалішкі. Hebrew: מיכלישקי
35 miles ENE of Vilnius (Vilna), 23 miles S of Švenčionys (Sventzion), 10 miles WSW of Svir (Świr).
Jewish Population: 371 (in 1847), 951 (in 1897)
1900:  Mikhalishki, Vilna uyezd, Vilna gubernia, Russian Empire
1930:  Michaliszki, Wilno-Troki powiat, Wilno województwo, Poland


In particular it may be Monastyrok city/village. Several villages with this name are situated in different parts of Ukraine.
Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv-Lwow-Lemberg, Ukraine.