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Janice Brockman

My husband thinks the attached document may be a wedding announcement for some relative of his great-grandmother who was born in Pabiance, Poland .  Pabianice is in English at the bottom of the document.  Thank you for any assistance one may be able to provide.
Janice Brockman



Good morning,


The document is a welcoming invitation by Moshe to the wedding celebtation of his virgin sister, Gitel.

Malka chosnek

Leya Aronson

Invitation to the wedding of GITTEL, sister of the person inviting to MENACHEM, son of the late Shmuel Bialik. Date of wedding is Tuesday, the 7th of Kislev, 5665 which corresponds to November 15, 1904. Signed MOSHE ZRYLEVITCH from PABINETZ  [Pabinetca]

Hope this helps.

Leya Aronson,
Toronto, Canada