The Lithuanian Jewish Community of Telsiai #lithuania

Carol Hoffman

LitvakSIG online journal is proud to announce the wonderful article, The Lithuanian Community of Telsiai, by Phil S. Shapiro. This article
is an in depth study, both human and academic, of Telsiai and it's Jewish community that once was.

To quote the author, "Telšiai Jewish community was typical of similar communities in provincial Lithuania but it also fostered the Telshe
Yeshiva, which developed a model of progressive Jewish education which is followed by Jewish communities worldwide today." He concludes with,
"The year 1941 will similarly be remembered forever as the year that Jewish life in Lithuania ceased to exist. That civilization lives on, however, in the beliefs, practices, and memory of the hundreds of thousands of descendants of Litvaks who now live around the world."

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv