"The People of Ferramonti: Then and Now" #JewishGenUpdates


Hello and greetings from England. I am collating stories from former internees of Ferramonti di Tarsia and/or their descendants. If you (or anyone you know) were an internee in Ferramonti di Tarsia camp, Calabria, Italy please contact me so I can explain the next steps. Essentially I hope to publish at least one volume of stories and photographs (black and white and colour) of former internees. I am sure from over 3,500 internees there must be many second and third generation family members with a story to tell of their relative. 
My father David Henryk ROPSCHITZ  (born in Galicia 1913) was a internee. His autobiographical novel was published earlier this year. Now it is time for others to tell their stories. Please contact me at
Thank you in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Yolanda Ropschitz-Bentham