Yiddish Translation of words "Hurmna/Hoyroeh"

Andrea Tzadik

I had my Great Great Grandfather's letters translated from Yiddsih to English.
In one letter he said his Grandson, who was also a Rabbi, went to Stanislow
to the Rabbi and to take out a "Hurmna/Hoyroeh".
Does anyone know the meaning of these words?
Andrea Tzadik


Rabbinical ordination. 
Yitschok Margareten

Leya Aronson

Hi, It would be better to see the original words. Is there any way you can clip them and show in your message? 
Thank you
Leya Aronson
Toronto, Canada


Hurmana is really an Aramaic word meaning permission, and Hora'ah is Hebrew for teaching. So as previously answered, it means a rabbinical ordination since it grants permission and authority to decide halachik rulings.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD