FW: From Glory to Dispersion - The Sephardi Lisbona family from Damascus #sephardic #events

David Mendoza

David Lisbona will discuss the history of his Sephardic ancestors who originated in Portugal and later settled in Damascus, a major city on the Silk Road. The 'Franco' Sephardic community maintained a distinct identity from the indigenous Arabic-speaking Jews. Using available historic and genealogical sources, including records new to us, David tells the remarkable story of his family, who were prominent in the Damascene Jewish community. Upheavals in the Ottoman Empire and the opening of the Suez Canal led to a decline in the community, with migrations to Egypt, England, the United States and elsewhere.

Topic: From Glory to Dispersion - The Sephardic Lisbona family from Damascus

Time: Nov 16, 2020. 2pm NYC, 7pm London, 8pm Amsterdam/Paris, 9pm Jerusalem.

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David Mendoza and Ton Tielen, Sephardic World

Molly Staub

I’ve been told my ancestors emigrated from Harasta, suburb of Damascus, to my ancestral town of Dumbraven, Russia in the 19th century. They were given the surname Harast, which later became Charest, Arost. I don’t know what surnames they had in Syria. I have two given names Abraham and Markil. Is there some way to learn about the family? Many thanks,

Molly Arost Staub
(staubmolly@..., 561-571-6699)