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Sharon Taylor

I found a Social Security Index entry for my ggm, Hudia Unger, on She died in 1937 and I don't think she ever became a US citizen, so I was surprised, but based on the entry at Ancestry, I sent in a form to Social Security asking for the information in her file. I just received a letter back (it took 3 months) saying that they had no record of Hudia Unger. I'm confused. I thought the entry on Ancestry meant that she had filed something with the Social Security Administration. Can anyone enlighten me?


Sharon Taylor
Oreland, PA
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Laurie Sosna

I believe that Hudia is indexed in the record for Lena Millmond, (maiden name Nemeth).

In Hudia's Ancestry listing, there two links, to spouse and child. When you click on the link for her child (Lena) you'll see Lena's full record.
With both her parents names.

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA

Sarah L Meyer

Based on your comment and the one below I believe that you are talking about the Application and Claim index and not the SSDI.  If the child listed a parent by name (even if the parent was not a citizen) that parent would be indexed in the Application and Claim Index as a mother or father.  Only people who were actually signed up for social security and were paying into or receiving funds from social security are included in the SSDI.
Sarah L Meyer
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