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Arlene Beare

We lost a great deal with the cessation of Research by the Latvian State Historical Archives. The work they have done for us over many years has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.  Nonetheless it has become imperative for us to transcribe the data ourselves.  We are greatly indebted to Family Search who have gone into the Archives and made images of thousands if not millions of records. A handful of Volunteers have come forward to help us with the work transcribing the Jewish records. Paul Cheifitz, Marion Werle and I are Co-Directors . Special Interest Groups are now Research Divisions. We can be contacted at



For the transcription of the Passports which are written in Latvian, we will provide a Template and Zoom help where required. I have compiled a Glossary of Latvian Words and Occupations that occur in the Records.  Please come forward and help us and other Researchers throughout the World.I must point out that these records are not only relevant  to Latvia as a large number of Jewish Residents in Latvia came from other places in the former Russian Empire.


We still have the Riga vital records to finish and the census collection to expand. There are all sorts of family lists in Raduraksti which haven't been translated or even surveyed.   Some knowledge of languages such as Russian, German, Hebrew and Yiddish would be invaluable.


Arlene Beare

Co-Director Latvia Research Division