Great Great Grandfather Aaron COHNREICH born ANKLAM 1842 #general




I am looking at my paternal family tree and have found that my Great Great Grandfather was Aaron COHNREICH born Anklam 1842, his parents were Elias Cohnreich (1816-1872) and Taubchen Werthiem (1818 - 1892) I saw a post on your thread from Nick Landau who is related to Aaron Cohnreich's sister Cecelia COHNREICH born circa 1855 also in Anklam. The family moved to London in the late 1800's and the post mentioned the 1881 census. I think it was an old post, so this may be a long shot.


Thank you for any help or advise you can give me.


Liz Thomas

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Not sure exactly what you are looking for...more info on the Conreich family or how to contact Nick Landau.  Ancestry has an 1857 manifest for Elias and Taubchen arriving London.  There are 1861-1901 censuses for family members.  One changed his name to Conridge.  Ancestry has transcriptions but Findmypast has orig. census records.  Besides using Ancestry's free introductory search from home, you can access from many public libraries.
Johanna Becker
Newport, RI


Thank you for the helpful resources Johanna.  I am part of the Conridge family from London.  My interest is general, my father mentioned the Cohnreich connection before he died and I am just curious to learn more about what seems to be an interesting family story.  I will have a look into your suggestions.
Liz Thomas