Seeking genealogist for death records search in New Jersey #records

Marcia Segal


I'm not able to travel right now, and I need help getting past a brick wall. Is there a genealogist who would look for death records at the state archive, which would involve multiple versions of a name, and multiple years? Also seeking burial information, if possible--it was a tragic death and he was buried outside the perimeter of the cemetery, with no record at the cemetery for the burial. So a couple of different issues to address.

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Marcia Segal

Barbara Ellman

Due to COVID, the NJ State Archives are closed to the public until further notice.

The NJ Death index 1901-2017 is online at Ancestry.  A Death index 1878-1900 is available online at the NJ State Archives site.

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Sherri Bobish


You can also search for a death notice, or any other article, through old digitized newspapers at this free site, which does have some NJ newspapers:

You can search by name or by address.  I have found items using an address search, especially helpful if the person's exact name is in question.


Sherri Bobish

Michele Lock

I've recently ordered death certificates from the NJ state archives, and there is an archivist there who has responded to my questions about what they have available now. I can give you her name and email address in a private message, if you'd like.

It took 10 weeks to get the first certificate, and about 5 weeks to get the second one. 

If you do find the name and date of death for the person you are looking for, the archive can provide death certificates up to 1930. Their website is not entirely clear about the date cutoff. 

Their online order form is also somewhat confusing. It doesn't allow you to attach a file, like a copy of the death index showing the person's name and date of death. But there is a text box where you can describe what you have, though with a ~200 word limit.

Naturally, the online form requires you to put in the names of the deceased's mother and father. However, it will accept 'Not Known', because it thinks this is a parent named Not Known. And Not Known is accepted for both the mother's and the father's names.

Hope this helps.

Michele Lock

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