Latest additions to JGFF towns database #JewishGenUpdates

Alexander Sharon

Below is a list of localities submitted and approved as additions to JGFF towns database:

Czech Republic

Andreyevo-Ivanovka (ex Chernove), Ukraine

Atkar, Hungary


Balaceana, Romania

Baikalo-Kudara, Russia

Birkenwald, France

Bohata, Slovakia

Borsodgeszt, Hungary

Borynichi, Ukraine

Brynica, Poland


Chernitsa, Ukraine

Chepele, Ukraine

Cieszymowo Wielkie, Poland (ex Gross Teschendorf, Pomerania)

Chrast, Czech Republic

Czersk Pomorski, Poland

Dabrowica, (Lezajsk), Poland

Dehova, Ukraine


Ebsdorfergrund, Germany

El Kelaa des Sraghna, Morocco

Eschbach, Germany


Frydman, Poland


Gagybator, Hungary

Gargenville, France

Gasawa, Poland


Halenkov, Czech Republic

Hulice, Czech Republic


Isep, Poland

Jedlova, Czech Republic


Kamienica, Slovakia

Kamienica Dolna, Poland

Kolyudy, Russia  

Kostiantynivka, Ukraine

Kozhukhov, Ukraine


Lyakhodov, Ukraine

Lautenthal, Germany

Lazy pod Makytou, Slovakia

Leingarten, Germany

Liptovske Sliace, Slovakia


Magyarcsanad, Hungary

McPherson, KS, USA

Medford, OR, USA

Menton, France

Mondolfo, Italy

Monor, Romania

Morino, Belarus

Murrhardt, Germany

Myatyn, Ukraine


Nagysimonyi, Hungary

Nagyszekely, Hungary

Nagytotfalu, Hungary

Nitrianske Rudno, Slovakia

Nova Vyzhva, Ukraine



Obisovce, Slovakia

Olkhovets, (near Bobrka), Ukraine

Oleksandrivka, (SubCarpathia), Ukraine

Orpa, Belarus

Osmoloda, Ukraine

Oszko, Hungary


Podedworze, Poland

Podbrezi, Czech Republic

Ponikwa, Ukraine

Przytoczno, Poland


Rakobovty, Ukraine

Rathsweiler, Germany


Sajohidveg, Hungary

Sarmellek, Hungary

Schirmeck, France

Selkirk, MB, Canada

Smidyn, Ukraine

Smolinske, Slovakia

Smrzovka, Czech Republic

Sofiyevka, Ukraine

Solopysky, Czech Republic

Spassk-Ryazanskiy, Russia

Stara Huta, Ukraine

Stara Vyzhivka, Ukraine

Sudzha, Russia

Tatranska Javorina, Slovakia

Tukhlya, Ukraine

Tishovka, Belarus

Tiszaeszlar, Hungary

Tiszavid, Hungary

Trhovy Stepanov, Czech Republic


Ullnitz, Germany

Uelversheim, Germany

Viciunai, Lithuania

Viesite, Latvia

Villeneuve-sur-Lot, France

Vlasim, Czech Republic

Vlcany, Slovakia

Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary


Yarchevtsy, Ukraine (ex Jarczowce, Poland)

Alexander Sharon
JGFF coordinator

Paul Chirlin

What is the difference between a bold town and a not bold town?  Could you explain the criteria for adding a new town?

Paul Chirlin

Alexander Sharon


JGFF Quality Assurance system includes following elements:

All town names that researchers have requested to add to JGFF system are discussed with the researcher, and following mutual review/discussions are approved and added to JGFF database.
Addition is done by JGFF supervisor in the internal document known as JGFF administration panel.
Entry includes town and country names only.

Email is forwarded to researcher to inform her/him that town is approved and encourage researcher to add family names related to the approved locality.

Towns that have been updated by the researchers that include researched surnames, are shown in bold format, but towns that for some reasons were not updated by the researchers to include  researched family names are shown in the non-bold format.
New JGFF town entry must include researched names for the researched town, otherwise a purpose of JGFF system as the meeting place is not working.

I have no slightest idea why researcher didn't add researched surnames to the newly introduced town to the system.

Criteria to add new towns:

In general terms it is already explain in JGFF FAQ at

Town must have Jewish historical character: listed in your family documents or known from the family stories.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF coordinator

Adam Cherson

TY for this discussion. Could you please inform me how does one submit a new town name to the town finder list?
Adam Cherson 

Sally Bruckheimer

"Could you please inform me how does one submit a new town name to the town finder list?"

You simply add the surname you are seeking, along with the town name. If it is new, Alexander Sharon will check it.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Alexander Sharon


Select last icon (Enter) and add new entry

Alexander Sharon
JGFF coordinator