Which is the town of "Zanzire, Poland"? #belarus #poland

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Hi, Sherri,

Good ideas!  The death certificate doesn't indicate the town of birth, but I've looked at the naturalization records for some of Benjamin's children, and they state that their births occurred in Dyatlovo (Zhetel).  So I'm pretty sure that Benjamin's passenger list should have stated "Zhetel".  But where "Zanzire" came from ... who knows!


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I looked at Benjamin Alperstein's 1920 manifest.  Easy to find by searching "Zanzire" as keyword on Ancestry.  It's the only hit.

You might try searching for records of his friend, Hersh SANDEROWSKI, that he left in "Zanzire."

Benjamin ALPERSTEIN passed on in 1936, and is at Beth David Cem.  His death cert may list a town of birth, or he may be with a landsmanshaftn, which were often shtetl based.

The transcription of his death cert on www.familysearch.org only lists country and not town of birth, but the cert itself may have a town written. 

What about his son, "A. ALPERSTEIN" in The Bronx?  Did he naturalize?  Any of his documents list a town name?


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On the Ellis Island passenger list for a relative arriving in New York in 1920, he listed his former residence as "Zanzire, Poland."
Does anyone have any idea to which town this may refer?  I had believed that this person had come from one of the towns in western Belarus, likely Dyatlovo/Zhetel or Novogorodok, but the ShtetlSeeker couldn't find anything nearby for the town of "Zanzire".
Thanks for any help.
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