Resources for Jewish Refugees who went to Uruguay #lodz

David Jacobowitz

My cousin asked me to help her find her father and uncles.

"...They were born in Sompolno, Polin. Can they write another address "Jacob Wilczynski" born 1908? married to Rela Roboski " After the Shoa and with a baby" Alex "" Josef Wilczynski "was born 1923/1926 (Jacob's brother) they were together in Europe, he spoke of Paris, and he traveled by train through Europe until he received permission to travel to Uruguay, There was a brother Abraham who arrived in 1939....They arrived by boat in Montevideo Uruguay. I do not know how to search,..."

This a translation from Spanish, so it may  not be exactly what she wrote.

Thanks for guidance.
David Jacobowitz



The first step should be to search for documents with more information in Uruguay.
The second step should be to search for passenger manifests (familysearch, CEMLA).
If she has got more details from this sources she can start the research in Europe.

There are the records of the civil registry office and the censuslists (1926-1936) for Paris online.
for the time in question birth records are not online, but marriage and death records are online.


Corinne Iten


Here is a document about the arrival of the Wilczynski family in Montevideo, 1948.


Karen Lukeman

We took a wonderful Jewish tour in Montevideo Uruguay with Fanny Margolis We were able to visit an active synagogue, and Fanny is very knowledgeable about the Jewish history in Montevideo. Perhaps she can help.
Karen Calmon Lukeman
KALMANOWITZ (Lyubcha and towns near Grodno, Vilna and Minsk)
GOLDSMITH (Bakshty and Ivje)
NASSER (Damascus)
BENBAJI (Damascus)
BALLAS (Damascus)

Adam Turner

Hello Leon, 

A question for you - where does this document come from? The same passenger list is indexed at , but the color of the document is very different than what you've uploaded, suggesting that you might have found it somewhere other than the FamilySearch index.

I am mainly curious because I am trying to find possible arrival manifests for my family that went to Uruguay (surname TURNIANSKY - brothers Israel and Menachem, and possibly their parents Beila Henia and Hersch Leib). While I found what I think is likely a departure manifest for Beila Henia from 1931 in FamilySearch, I couldn't find any of their arrivals (almost certainly from before 1930). Is there another source that shows Montevideo passenger lists from the 1910s and 1920s online besides FamilySearch?

Adam Turner


      לדוד  שלום  
   יד  ושם  בארכיון   יש  13  דפה  עד   על  משפחת  ווילצ'נסקי  עים  שם  משפחה ו כתובת  
       גר  בישראל    מסר  בדפה   עד    שמות  של  אחים  שלו ו אחיות  שניספו  בשואה 
            מוכן  להמשיך  לעזור
           DRORI  YOEL  . YOEL437@...

David Jacobowitz

I also found the manifest in a different color on FamilySearch. Rela Wilczynski was indexed as Rola, which I corrected.
Then this image from JOINT showed up, with Rela accompanied by Josef and Jacob Wilczynski. Thank you for the encouragement and help.  David Jacobowitz (Cousin by marriage  of Rosita Bar-Yaakov.)