Jewishgen Latvia Research Division Quarterly Meeting #latvia #announcements

Paul Cheifitz

Hi Joyaa, 
We are hoping that the meeting will be recorded. 
Send us your queries by email and we will try to address them. 
Perhaps you can gather some others interested in Latvian research in the same time zone and we can have another session at a time that's more convenient for you? 
Write to us at LatviaRD@...
All the best, 
Paul Cheifitz
Co-Director, Jewishgen Latvia Research Division

Joyaa Antares

Hi Paul,
Will it be recorded - and might those of us unable to attend at this time (e.g. those based in the Antipodes) be able to make a late contribution?
Thank you for your consideration.
In the Land Downunder ...

Paul Cheifitz

Dear friends, 
Please join us for our quarterly meeting where we will be launching a new database and updating you on our recent activities. We will open the meeting to discussion and look forward to hearing from you about your research and how you feel we can help you. The Zoom meeting will be on 6 December 2020 at 10am (PT), 1pm (EST) 6pm (UK) 8pm (20:00) (Israel+SA). Please email us at LatviaRD@... and we'll send you the link. Looking forward to seeing you there.
Paul Cheifitz