Dobromil research guidance #ukraine

David Ellis

Hi, I wonder if anyone could help steer me in the right direction? 
I have been researching my Grandfather who was born in 1906 in Dobromil, I have tried many searches through the JewishGen databases to find out more about him and his family but I have had very limited success. 
Does anyone have any hints/ tips/ guidance?
David Ellis

Tony Kahane

Hi David,

A good way to find possible Jewish vital record sets from Galicia is to search Gesher Galicia's "Global Search" facility. You can find this at:
If you enter "dobromil births" in the search box at the top, you will see the second result in the list, which is:
"Dobromil [Jewish] Births 1896-1915". This is held, as it indicates, at AGAD, in their Fond 300, File 3211. There is also a green rectangle displayed on the right of this record, labeled "SCANS AVAILABLE". If you click on the green rectangle, the link will take you straight to the set of page images of this book, stored on the AGAD website. There you can inspect the records, including those from 1906.

The Global Search facility aims to cover all the Polish state archive and Ukrainian state archive branches with records from Galicia. The exception is the National Archives in Kraków. We plan to add record sets held in Kraków once the restructuring of that archive is complete - hopefully next year.

Best wishes,

Tony Kahane

Sherri Bobish


Have you tried a soundex search on the surname?  If you are doing an exact search than even one letter difference in the spelling can prevent finding the family.

It is also possible that there just aren't extant records for the person and/or time frame you seek.  Dobromil is very close to my ancestral town of Ustrzyki Dolne, from which records are almost totally non-existent.

Another option is to search for all records from the town, and look through them for your family name.


Sherri Bobish