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Does anyone know why whenever I search JewishGen for birth, marriage or death records from Bessarabia, only records from Kishinev are found? Where are those records for the smaller towns? I’m mainly looking for records from Soroki and Ataki. I find revision lists and voters lists but not birth, marriage and death records. Do those records even exist but are not uploaded on JewishGen? Does anyone know?

Thank you,
Steve Buzil

BUZILA and KILYAN from present day Moldova  

GRUBER and FEINGOLD from present day Ukraine


PORTNOY, GERSHON and OFSAIOF/OVSAIOVICH from present day Lithuania

MNUSHKIN and KOLVARACHIK from present day Belarus

EISENSTEIN and ZALIO from present day Romania

Yefim Kogan

Hello Steve,  I am addressing this to the whole group, because I am getting similar questions.

In order to find out what towns/year of data we have translated and loaded to JewishGen databases, the best is to get to the Introductory pages for that database.  In case of Steve's question, it is Bessarabia Vital records.  When you do a search, you can see all the databases, including Bessarabia Vital records, with the Introductory pages for the set you searching.  Here is a direct link for this Introductory pages database:   but again,  the links to Introductory pages you can easily get
It is clear from it, that we have birth records not only for Kishinev, but also Beltsy, Bendery, Novoselitsa and a number of smaller places, like Kaushany, Romanovka. Gancheshty, etc. etc.

If you follow our latest discoveries, we acquired many sets of records from Bessarabia, and soon will start uploading completed sets.  We have now about 3,000+ records from Bendery and Bendery uezd, several hundred from Soroki uezd, and more.

Same you find with any other databases, like Bessarabia Revision Lists, etc.

All the best,
Shabbat Shalom,
Yefim Kogan