KAUFMANN family in Holzwickede #germany

Mike Redel

Dear gersigs,

I hope one of you could help me.

Elfriede Kaufmann died 26.08.1870 in Dudenroth now a part of
Holzwickede. Her parents were Seligmann Kaufmann and Henni Steiner.
What is happend with her parents.

A Seligann Kaufmann was born 17.0.1839 in Wehr a part of Meyen.
Parents Simon and Fanny Seligmann. A Seligma8nn Kaufmann died
10.08.1914 in Holzwwickede. A Julie Kaufmann born Feldheim died
11.02.1920 in Holzwickede. Is Julie the secound wife?

Seligmann was a butcher and life in Holzwickede Rausingen 4 later Nordstr. 4


Mike Redel
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