Jewish Genealogy Blogs #general

Michelle Sandler

I am looking for a comprehensive list of Jewish Genealogy Blogs to
write my OCJGS Library column for the newsletter Keeping up with the
Genes. I have found 8 so far. Your Jewish Gem, Russian Jewish
Genealogy Blog, Blood and Frogs, Geneabloggers, Extrayad.blogspot,
Moritzresearch.blogspot, Genealogy Indexer, Jewneaogy. I am assuming
there are others.

Michelle Sandler
Westminster California
Librarian OCJGS

Elizabeth Handler

As the author of A Jewish Genealogy Journey at (which hasn't been particularly active recently), I suggest that you visit the Geneabloggers website at where you can enter "Jewish" in the search box to see a long list of blogs (some active, some not) with Jewish family stories as part of their focus.
Elizabeth Handler
Needham, MA
Researching: HANDLER, HOLLANDER, HONENVALD (Hungary); YANCU/IANCU/YANCOWITZ, MOSCOWITZ (Romania); LEVITES, LEWITES (Husiatyn, Galicia), SEGAL (Zhytomyr, Ukraine)

Michael Waas

Good Afternoon Michelle,


You may see our business blog where we write articles concerning Jewish genealogy and history:


Kind regards,

Michael Waas
Co-Founder, Hollander-Waas Jewish Heritage Services

Emily Garber

There are two good sources to Jewish genealogy blogs.

The first is a list I created a few years ago. It is at my blog The Extra Yad at
The direct link to the list of Jewish geneabloggers is at

I intend to update this list before the end of the calendar year. If any Jewish genealogy bloggers are not on my list, please contact me at extrayad@... and provide a link to the blog home page.

Another good source for all genealogy blogs is at
Enter Jewish in the search box to find those who include topics of interest to Jewish researchers. This morning there were 59 bloggers listed who cover Jewish topics.

Emily Garber

Avraham Groll

don't forget the new JewishGen blog.

Avraham Groll
Executive Director