Help with locating Fosfalou in Hungary? #hungary #slovakia #romania

E Feinstein

I am researching a family HIRSCH / MANDEL that lived in Philadelphia.
The husband died in 1921 and is buried in Har Nebo and the wife died in 1941 and also buried there.
No real information is on either of the death certificates.
I found however that they were from a Hungarian town called Fosfalou (in English!)  However I cannot locate this place.
It does not appear in the JGFF Town locator nor in Jordan Auslanders Hungarian Gazeteer.
Neither did I find it in the RadixIndex of Hungarian place names.
I would appreciate anyone's help in this matter to find out where they were from.
Research suggestions or ideas please!  Thank you in advance.

Clifton New Jersey


Hello Eric, 
It can be Sosfalu or Novoselitsia ( today) in Transcarpathia region, today Ukraine.

All the best 
Mark Friedman

Probably Avas Felsofalu, today Negresti OAS Romania.

JewishGen Locality Page - Negreşti-Oaş, Romania

Jacob Shayzaf


Seth Jacobson

Please have a look at the attached pages. The first shows an index line in Bedamayich Chayi, a yizkor/Pinkas Mohalim book for the village of Orasul Nou in today's Romania, close to Fosfalou, which I presume is the town you refer to. The line clearly states some names and spellings for the town you are looking for.

As you can see, the book includes five specific circumcision text segments from Fosfalou, which is also mentioned in the foreword, a segment consists of 3-50 lines, depending on how much the author has to tell about the newborn child's family.

The second page is a flyer for ordering the book, should you so wish. Due diligence: I was the editor of the book, but do not have a financial interest in its sales.

Seth Jacobson

András Alvincz

Alvincz Andras
Hallo Eric!
Glaube ohne das Schriftstuck  gesehen zu haben , wird es nicht bestimmen konnen(wo Fosfalou liegt)
Gr.Alvincz Andras


Hi All,

Curious if anyone thinks that Fosfalou might be a town that was known in Yiddish as Sasfalou?
Not sure where that town is located either, but wondering is that is the same place.

Michael Bauer
Brooklyn, NY