Goldingen Jewish Families 1842 transcription on JewishGen; need Fond & List (Lieta) number #courland #latvia


Some years ago, Martha Lev-Zion generously translated and donated to JewishGen an abstract of the family register of the heads of Jewish families in Goldingen in 1842. Often these manuscripts contain more information than is included in the abstract, and I've been looking for the source. I've checked the Raduraksti site, but it doesn't (yet?) include family lists, and there's no 1842 Addendum to the 1834/35Revision List for Goldingen posted on the site. I'd appreciate it if someone could point me to an online posting of the source. Thank you

Ari Marcus
New York City
Researching (specifically in Goldingen): Wulfsohn, Hirschwald, Marienhoff and Gottlieb