Help Please Deciphering Ellis Island Cursive Handwriting from 1909 #belarus #names #records

David Levine
Resend- Hi - on the Help deciphering old handwriting Ellis Island Records 1909
I am having trouble reading the old cursive handwriting. 
Can anyone read this clearly?
This is a New York Arrival List from Ellis Island New York 18 Oct 1909 for my great grandmother Ester Reise Samoschkin and my grandfather Judel
This gives her mother's place of birth but it is hard to read. 
I was told she was from Slutsk/Sluck
This looks like based on the person's handwriting that it could be "Slutzk" unless the first letter is an "R"
Here is the source and full scan on my Dropbox:
Many thanks!

Steven Usdansky

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Steven Usdansky
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Alan Shuchat

The birth town does seem to begin with an R. Column 10 shows that Ester's mother Beile lives in what might be Ruzoh or Ruzok (or Ruzhoh, Ruzhok), Minskiy. So this town was in Minsk gubernia, as was Slutsk. I looked but couldn't find a town near Slutsk with a name that sounded like that.
Alan Shuchat
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Looks like "Ruzk" to me -- the "R" is the same as in "Russia" and on the last entry you can see several places where this writer wrote a capital "S" and it is very different.
"Ruzk" shows up in column 29.  In column 11 there is "Ruzsh" which I would guess is the German word for the nationality "Russian" but this column is clearly for an address. As is 29.
Anyway, convenient of her to get her name right at the top where the column headings are.

Robert Roth
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Christine Hills

It looks like Russia Ruezk to me

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